Gabriel Barcellos July 1@1!

Acoustic Guitar and flute ( Brazilian music-from choros to classic to bosso nova and original compositions). Composers Villa Lobos, Ernesto Nazare, Tom Jobim among others.

Carole White: Voices of the Stones July 3@1:30!

Carole White plays rhythmically driven guitar and sings uplifting and empowering songs with a message to move your body, use your voice, use your power, and use your life for something good. 
Born and raised in the Catskills of Woodstock Ny, Carole White's music grows out of the lush, peaceful beauty of those mountains. The ever present surge upwards towards hope, perseverance, and freedom is colored by Woodstock folk and rock roots, civil rights music, swing, blues, and textured by percussive language learned at the hands of a drum. Her rich, resonant voice is sometimes clear and clean, sometimes peppered with rust and gusto, sometimes telling stories of life on the road as a gypsy stone dealer, sometimes inviting you to get up and dance, but always aiming to make you feel better than before you heard her music. 

Hudson River Playback Theatre July 7th @ 6!

In an exquisite outdoor setting we’ll listen to audience members’ stories about our essential relationship with the natural world—memories from childhood, moments from today, visions of the future.

Come and be part of a unique interactive theatre and music event with

Hudson River Playback Theatre!


The Rail Trail Cafe, right beside the parking lot on Stone Mountain Farm off Springtown Road, serves delicious food and drinks. Come early or stay later to eat and relax!


Free admission. 


This outdoor show will be cancelled in case of rain. If in doubt please check our Facebook page. 


Hudson River Playback Theatre, founded by Jo Salas, has been enacting stories in the Mid Hudson Valley and beyond for 27 years in theatres, schools, conferences, migrant labor camps, and anywhere that people have stories


Beth Albano July 29th@6!

All the way from Brazil. More info coming soon!

Greek Night August 20th@ 530!

Local Musicians: Max Fass, Tim Allen,  Laura Wilson, Sean Crimmins and Chris Andersen play Greek, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian and Roma music !

Puppets: The Ivy Vine Players Puppet Theatre! Grian MacGregor August 27th@5!

The Ivy Vine Players Puppet Theater employs 75 characters and props, one puppeteer, and a walking, wearable stage. They've performed from New Zealand to New York, Ecuador to Edinburgh, and Raleigh to the Rail Trail Cafe. The puppets are fashioned lovingly from cast-off clothing, which gives them a familiar feeling and keeps their carbon footprints tiny.


Big Sky Ensemble September 16th @ 530!

Thomas Workman, Brian Farmer, Tim Allen, Dean Jones, Bill Ylitalo.

Big Horn Fun, Big Sound Fun!

Big Sky Ensemble October 7th @ 1230 !

Thomas Workman, Brian Farmer, Bill Ylitalo, Dean Jones, Tim Allen

Big Horn Fun, Big Sound Fun!