Trashfest 4 August 18th @ 530!


One man’s trash is one man’s musical instrument. Come into the woods to hear some trashy sounds with Peter Head and Bill Ylitalo. Peter Head has a lifetime of musical instruments and noise-makers from found objects and upcycled junk. With a couple of friends, he will demonstrate the diversity of said instruments and sounds. Bill Ylitalo is a saxophonist/composer who also makes musical instruments from stuff that he finds at landfills and roadside free-piles. Old plumbing pipes and tools have been used, as have slabs of wood, which are enlivened by adding strings, springs, and contact microphones. Bill will be playing his junk instruments along with his musical friend, Laura Pepitone. The event is free and open to all.

Levanta August 24 @ 530!

Thomas Workman, Timothy Hill Gabriel Dresdale, Ev Mann

Thomas Workman, Timothy Hill Gabriel Dresdale, Ev Mann

Levanta means “lift” in Portuguese and Spanish, and this unique quartet brings a collective intention to do just that: lift the music and the spirits of the listeners. The origin of the group is literally from a dream which is fulfilled in a quartet comprised of Thomas Workman on flutes, fujara, ngoni, hulusi and didgeridoo; Timothy Hill on vocals and guitar; Gabriel Dresdale on cello; and Evry Mann on percussion. Unusual instruments in combination give Levanta a breadth, depth and ability to morph through a wide range of textures, rhythms and musical landscapes.

We rehearse on a weekly basis, and have developed a deep rapport in our improvisations with a sense of perpetual frontier. New material, whether original or arrangement, goes through a collective process by which it becomes our own. From driving rhythms in odd meters, to the enchanting beauty of harmonic singing accompanied by cello and flute, to arrangements of music from Hermeto Pascoal, Dave Holland or Abdullah Ibrahim, Levanta lifts with music that lives on in the listening.

Stephen Michael Pague August 25th @ 1!


As a singer, songwriter, Steven Michael Pague has travelled the world bringing his uplifting, positive music and songs to venues both large and small. He creates an intimate atmosphere that is inspiring and inviting. His style ranges from ballad to reggae, folk, pop, rock and more. He has performed with the likes of Richie Havens, Emmy Lou Harris, David Darling, Paul Winter,  and Baba Olatundji. Stevens's original and collected songs express the commonalities of the experience of being human: feeling, dreaming, waking, wanting, needing, hoping, loving, losing, finding oneself, letting go and being thankful.

Sultan of Sonic Soul August 30th @ 7!

65827721_2301425849941186_5445395636516028416_n (1).jpg

Gus Mancini, Wdst's 100.1 FM Woodstock Round-tables Sultan Of Sonic SoulBand Creates Totally Free Improves, moving IN and OUT of genres from Tribal to Funk, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Motown and whatever happens in the moment.Featuring, from Gambia West Africa, Master of the Bugaraboo Drums, Nfamara Badjie, Motown Bass Groover E.c.Lorick and Pitch Fork Militia's Peter Head on Guitar.

Review:Master Badjie plays his ancient rhythms with unparalleled energy alongside Mancini's Sonic Soul Bands Tribal and modern experimental Jazz, Classical, Funk, Reggae, Rock and Blues soundscapes.

Clear Light Ensemble August 31st at 1!

clearlight ensmble howland.jpg



John Carl Dubberstein- Sitar

John started playing the sitar while living in India during the 1970s, his primary teacher being Harihar Rao.   He continued his study of the instrument at the Ali Akbar College of Music in Berkeley, and has now been playing for over 40 years.  His Clear Light Ensemble weaves musical compositions grounded in classical raga scales and has featured collaborations with a variety of prominent luminaries.   

John has also played the electric and acoustic guitar for forty years.  He has had a number of blues and rock bands, including Jaguar Memory Loss, Blind Pig, and the Bad Boys Blues Band.

On breezy days you will find him windsurfing the mighty Hudson River, as he currently resides in Beacon, NY.  

Craig Hazen-  Bass Guitar

Craig writes and produces music for films. His scores include Academy Award winning director Leon Gast's "Smash His Camera", which received the Sundance 2010 Grand Jury Award, “Double Parked”, a winner of Best Picture at the SlamDance Awards, “Speed for Thespians”, which was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Short Film category, and “ Independent Spirits”, a documentary about animation artists, John & Faith Hubley, made for PBS.  He composed the Theme for the Nickelodeon TV series, “The Animorphs”.


Craig received his undergraduate degree in Music from Brown University and a MfA in Music Composition from Mills College, where he studied and worked with Terry Riley and Robert Ashley.  Awards have included NEA grants and commissions. 

Craig, while the co-owner of ZEN Music in NYC, CO-wrote and produced the music for several trend-setting commercials and has received most of the major awards in advertising, including 2 Clios and an Emmy nomination. His work has included campaigns for Wendy's, AT&T, Hallmark, Lincoln Mercury, Doctor Pepper, New York Telephone (amongst many others).  He has worked with major recording artists including Rod Stewart, Ronnie Spector, The Four Tops, David Johansen, Squeeze, etc.

He now resides, composes and plays bass in Bearsville, NY.

Scott Beall—guitarist/composer

Scott began his musical career in the San Francisco Bay Area, performing at most major concert halls, theaters and recording studios. He has backed up such artists as John Hendricks and Cal Tjader, and shared the stage with Huey Lewis, The Tubes, Billy Idol, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Winter and many others. Scott also worked as producer and guitarist for Hot Spoons Productions gracing countless recordings in studio sessions with top Bay Area musicians.  Moving to New York 2000 Scott teamed with James Cammack from the Ahmad Jamal Trio and in 2010 released his solo CD of original compositions, “Out To Play” and has opened for the likes of Robben Ford and Mike Stern. He received his BA degree in music composition from San Francisco State University and is also a teacher, university professor, education consultant and author. His first book, Functional Melodies is a curriculum combining music with mathematics and was published by Key Curriculum Press in 2000. 

David Rothenberg- Clarinet

As a composer and jazz clarinetist, Rothenberg has eleven CDs out under his own name, including On the Cliffs of the Heart, named one of the top ten CDs by Jazziz Magazine in 1995 and a record on ECM with Marilyn Crispell, One Dark Night I Left My Silent House.  Other releases include Why Birds Sing and Whale Music.  He invited many musical colleagues to join him on Whale Music Remixed, with contributions from noted electronic artists such as Scanner, DJ Spooky, Lukas Ligeti, Mira Calix, Ben Neill, and Robert Rich.  His 2014 CD features Pauline Oliveros and Timothy Hill, called Cicada Dream Band.  His latest CD featuring live performances with nightingales is Berlin Bülbül, made together with Korhan Erel.  David Rothenberg is Professor of Philosophy and Music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which has encouraged and supported all of his creative projects since 1992.

Stephen Franchino -  Flute

Stephen Franchino has been a musician most of his life. He began guitar lessons at a early age, and quickly moved to the bass. Influenced by jazz, world music, and progressive rock, he has performed in many different styles and genres. In 1997 he became interested in woodwind instruments from around the world, and has been performing primarily on the flute ever since. 



Eileen O'Hare, vocals

Eileen O'Hare ( is a healer, mystic and high priestess.  Her voice is a divinely inspired instrument of love and healing.  She co-founded the uplifting ecstatic chant group BlisSing with friend and collaborator Cat Guthrie. (blissingchant)  Eileen opens her heart and invites the Saints and Angels, Stars and Ancestors to sing through her celestial channel.  She sings to everything as an expression of appreciation for the world of living energies all around us.  She has created three CD's.  Love, Love, Love Happens by Chants, Shamanic JourneySongs, BlisSing:  Beacon of Light.

google:  Loveandgratitudetothewater/HalseySnow for a beautiful chant for the waters of the world.  And pass it on!  

Sonark Trio August 31st @6!


Thomas Workaman, Joakim Lartey, Gabriel Dresdale

Racket River Girls September @1!


“The Racket River Girls—Bella Kosmacher and Hallie Stotler—met and became fast friends in Harmony 104 at Vassar College. Their earthy and effervescent sound combines traditional and original folk tunes on harmonious vocals, dueling fiddles, guitar, ukulele, concertina and more.”

John Brown September 2nd at 1!

JohnJohnBrown Promo .jpg



In the winter of 2013, right after his twin boys were born, John John Brown started writing songs that would turn into his debut album The Road. No Depression calls it "a supple and suggestive blend of astute Americana accompanied by a quiet, reflective glow", while Elmore Magazine dubbed him "one of the more promising young names in folk music today". John John's live performances have been garnering critical claim as well. In 2015 and 2017 he was chosen as a Kerrville Folk Finalist for the legendary New Folk Competition. He went home a winner of the South Florida Folk Fest in 2016, and he was selected as a 2017 Emerging Artist at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. In August of 2019, John John was selected to perform at the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock at Bethel Woods, which is the original site of the legendary festival. He will share the weekend with musical luminaries such as The Doobie Brothers, Santana, Ringo Starr, John Fogerty, Grace Potter and Derek Trucks. His sophomore album is currently in production, and it is heavily influenced by the writing style of John Prine. It is expected to be released in 2020. Seeped in goody storytelling and fingerpicking melodies, John John Brown seems to have discovered part of the mystery that surrounds the great singer/songwriter tradition.