The Poetry Brothel of Kingston is our own local take on the worldwide Poetry Brothel phenomenon.  Our poets are all performers who have taken poetry to the stage for years.  Now the Poetry Brothel, a group performance replete with live music and performance art opens another door.  The Poets, and all our performers take on a character and a costume for the stage.  The poet characters have names like – Serene -T, Miss Anthropy, Jacque Stroppe, Spill DeBeans among others. 

This is poetry dressed up for the evening with wisdom, humor, keen sense of observation and  plenty of passion.  It is unlike anything most of you have ever seen.  And we are devoted to turning on it’s head the old brothel model.  No, women are not being sold to you, their appeals of the flesh not the thing valued above else.  Here we are sharing all of being human and all of life, looking into it’s corners and its spectacles.  We are showing you that the words, and the song, and the intelligence and inspiration are the wares, are what will move you here.

And in keeping with this offering of a broad intimacy – you can purchase one of our poets. Yes, $3 dollars gets you 3 minutes with a poet of your choice and they will read to you, just you. It is for many a surprisingly special highlight of the evening.

The Poetry Brothel of Kingston kicked off it’s first show at BSP in Kingston on Saturday Feb 2nd 2013.  We have been performing locally ever since.  Portions of the proceeds go to charities, generally to support causes that support women, children, and  victims of exploitation.  Fun, intelligence wit, and a purpose, that’s our Poetry Brothel of Kingston.