Biophony Project 

With a didgeridoo, bass guitar, and two female vocalists, Biophony Project creates sacred ambient, aleatoric soundscapes that are primal and chthonic, soulful and upbeat, transporting, celestial, and otherworldly. 

‘Biophony' is the collective sound animals make in nature. Soundscape ecologist Bernie Krause defines it as "the combined sound that whole groups of living organisms produce in any given environment." 

Alice Andrews | Vocals

Alice is a psychologist, writer, editor, humanist chaplain, sacred naturalist, and the founder of The Hudson Valley Vocal Improv Collective (and its performative Biophony ensembles). She has sung with Gaiatree Sound Project and was the improvisational vocalist for Clear Light Ensemble. She’s done backup vocals on albums for Sri Kirtan, Radharani, and Baba Brinkman.

Adam Bradley | Didj

Twelve years ago Adam began attending sacred chanting events here in the Hudson Valley, and quickly fell in love with the practice. He enjoyed it so much, merely attending these services wasn’t enough; he wanted to integrate himself into the sacred music community. Needing to offer something unique, Adam settled on learning the didgeridoo, feeling that its deep, earthy yet sublime voice would be a natural fit – and it was. He's been playing the didgeridoo for chanting, sacred sound, yoga, one-on-one breathwork, and group healing events now for over a decade, and is still learning and expanding his practice. In addition to the didgeridoo, Adam uses other ambient instruments, and looks to create emotional soundscapes conducive for relaxation and the “opening up” of our psyche.

Ami Fixler | Bass guitar

Ami is a long-time mrdungam player for Siddha Meditation kirtan chanting at ashrams and centers worldwide. More recently he can be found performing with various local ensembles playing either guitar, bass or percussion, and in his remaining wakeful hours, delivering Calmbucha across the Hudson Valley.

Renée Skuba | Vocals

Renée is a recent transplant after many years in Brooklyn. She derives great peace and pleasure from singing and chanting. She has been a backup vocalist for numerous recordings for Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, founder of Naam Yoga/Rootlight; one third of the trio Tres Leches (world-infused folk music for all ages); and one voice in many for the NY Oratorio Society. She is also a teacher of Naam yoga (sacred sound current) and works professionally as a graphic designer. She released a CD of mantras as practical mind medicine, Peaceful Naam.